Main Info

CEASE Main P.O. Box 11471, Edmonton, AB T5J 3K6

Phone: (780) 471-6137

(780) 471-6237

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Contact Info per Program

Executive Director
Kate Quinn: (780) 471-6143

STOP: Sex Trade Offender Program: 780-471-6143

HOPE Coordination Program: Help Others Prosper Equally


Please phone our main number to access all programs: 780-471-6137

COARSE: Creating Options Aimed at Reducing Sexual Exploitation

Bursaries & training grants
Trauma recovery
Resource Circle e-mail list


STAR: Support, Transition, Action, Recovery

Victim advocacy, court support, training

WE-STEP: WE – Stop Trafficking & Exploitation Program

Public Education, peer support
(Building Blocks for Women: Coaching for Success

Empower U: Building Confident Futures (financial literacy and matched savings)