About Cease

CEASE builds bridges over income instability and creates pathways out of exploitation. We provide tools for persons who have experienced sexual exploitation or sex-trafficking to heal and renew their lives.

Our work includes  peer and community support, bursaries, counselling, trauma recovery, transition supports and public education,.

CEASE depends on the generosity of volunteers and the community to ensure growth and continuity of services. We are grateful to the many government, corporate, and individual donors who have contributed over the years.

Our Core Strategies

We have three core strategies, and all our programs work to support these. We work to:

Heal the Harm


Build for the Future


Foster Hope & Inspire Positive Social Change

Ways we help:

We have three core strategies, and all our programs support these strategies. We work to:

Heal the Harm

  • Trauma Recovery Counselling
  • Victim Advocacy – Project STAR – support, transition, action, recovery
  • Annual Aug. 14th Memorial
  • Peer and Community Support
  • Below the Belt – Support for Exploited Males via the CHEW Program

Build for the Future

  • Bursaries and Training Grants,
  • Financial Literacy and Matched Savings program, EMPOWER U
  • HOPE Fund (Help Others Prosper Equally) transition support
  • Empowerment programs in correctional facilities (I CAN & I COULD)
  • Building Blocks for Families & Women

Foster Hope and Inspire Positive Social Change

  • WE-STEP – WE Stop Trafficking and Exploitation Project
  • Sex Trade Offender Program – STOP
  • Annual Men of Honour Awards at the CEASE AGM
  • Community Resource Circle
  • Prevention and Education
  • Public Awareness and Community Engagement Initiatives
  • Women of Courage Awards
  • Community Collaborations: Sexual Exploitation Working Group, Participation in REACH Edmonton, SAVE: Sexual Assault Voices Edmonton, ACT Edmonton and ACT Alberta, Edmonton Financial Empowerment Collaborative and other emerging initiatives


We advocate to end sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, while providing tools to help persons heal and renew their lives.


A community where there is hope, respect, and transformation for individuals, families, and communities affected by sexual exploitation, sex trafficking and social inequality.

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