Trauma Recovery Resources

Do you  suffer from anxiety, depression and other trauma responses? CEASE can refer you to reputable counselling organizations with expertise to assist you. Living with complex PTSD can be a consequence of sex trade experience, sexual violence or the impact of being controlled and exploited through sex trafficking. You are not alone and there is help.

What past participants said about counselling services:

”If you know there are people out there to support you, you feel better about yourself.”

“Counselling is a safe place to go where someone can listen to you and unconditionally accept you and guide you. Counselling has given me the possibility of a meaningful life. I can now contribute to society; it makes me a whole new person again.”

“As part of my healing process, I went back to visit the place where I used to be involved in exploitation and dealt with it. Found empowerment in realizing I am not a victim anymore.”

“Counselling helped me to completely set boundaries to stop working (in massage) and have the ability to say no and feel good about it. I developed skills to be assertive and feel good about decision making.”

You can expect your therapist to

  • Treat you with dignity and respect
  • Genuinely care about you
  • Support you in healing and recovery
  • Be sensitive to cultural and Aboriginal issues
  • Help you to learn to trust yourself

Please call CEASE if you would like to explore counselling options and we can help with the best referral for you. 780.471.6137.