Social Return on Investment

What is Social Return on Investment (SROI)?

SROI is the value of the social, economic and environmental outcomes created by an activity or an organisation.

CEASE uses the concept of creating social value and measuring the social value of our programs with SROI analysis tools.

“Social Value is the value that stakeholders experience through changes in their lives. Some, but not all of this value is captured in market prices. It is important to consider and measure this social value from the perspective of those affected by an organisation’s work.”

— Social Value International 

CEASE SROI reports:

“There are many things we value that cannot be easily captured in traditional economic terms. Conventional cost-benefit analysis does not consider anything beyond simple costs and price, which is why we have developed alternative tools to measure social and environmental impacts. Social Return on Investment is an analytic tool for measuring and accounting for a much broader concept of value, taking into account social, economic and environmental factors.” 

— New Economics Foundation

More information:
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