Men of Honour

CEASE held an annual award ceremony for ten years to celebrate men who respect the integrity and humanity of others.  They came from many diverse communities and walks of life.  Each Man of Honour demonstrated compassion and understanding and we salute them. CEASE is not currently hosting this event annually and is exploring other ways to celebrate the champions in our community.

Men of Honour 2014 Recipients
Men of Honour 2015 Recipients

This event and award ceremony was developed to recognize and celebrate the contributions of men who respect and support the full integration and equality of women in all aspects of society.

Men of Honour are those who use their experience, knowledge and power in meaningful ways to foster respect, encourage healthy relationships, and create positive opportunities for women, children and those who experience vulnerability and marginalization.

Men of Honour strengthen their families, communities and workplace. Men of Honour respect the integrity, individuality and humanity of those who are vulnerable. Men of Honour may be well known, or they may be quiet workers and volunteers. Men of Honour are found in many families, ethno-cultural communities, trades, professions, neighbourhoods, networks and organizations.

CEASE is grateful to all of the supporters, volunteers and sponsors, making the 9th Annual CEASE Benefit and Men of Honour Awards a big success.

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