Full List of Needs

Your donation will go towards public education, participant support, bursaries, counselling and trauma recovery, and transition supports for individuals working to heal, rebuild their lives and the lives of their families after experiencing exploitation and sex trafficking.

Below you will find a list of possible donations and volunteer opportunities.

I want to donate items:

Items that CEASE needs on a regular basis for clients:

  • Hygiene Kit: Shampoo/Conditioner, Lotion, Deodorant, Toothpaste,¬†Toothbrush, Tampons/Pads, Brush/Comb, Towel and washcloth.
  • Pajamas (new)
  • Slippers and socks (new)
  • Underwear (new)
  • Bus Tickets
  • Grocery Gift Cards
  • Fast Food Gift Cards
  • Coffee Cards
  • Bottled Water
  • Juice Boxes

Please contact us with your greatly appreciated donations:

Call: 780.471.6137

Your cash donation goes towards:

Healing the Harm:
Trauma Recovery Counselling, $300 per month

Manage day-to-day:
Help with food security: $50 for one grocery store certificate
Help with transportation: One book of 10 bus tickets, Monthly bus pass

Build for the future:
CEASE provides direct financial support to help people recover from the experience of sexual exploitation by funding an education. The cost of an education ranges:

Donate to our Endowments and active bursary funds at NorQuest and MacEwan.  Donate to our general bursary fund for other educational institutions and community courses.  Your support goes towards helping participants work towards a livable income.

  • Fund a university or college course.
  • Fund a full year of a degree program.
  • Upgrade high-school or pursue post-secondary education

Celebrate strength and foster hope:
One hour of direct service to assist a survivor: $35.00
(victim advocacy, peer coaching, staff mentoring)

Inspire positive social change:
One hour of work for positive social change: $35.00
(public awareness, community engagement, collaboration with community, police, government on strategies and initiatives)