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CEASE Annual Report 2014-15

Building Blocks for Families

The Affordability Gap March 2015

Project STAR

This is not a CEASE generated report, but does speak to project STAR and Victims Services/Financial Benefits for Victims of Violent Crime in Alberta. Victims Services Status Report 2013-2014.

Below the Belt

2014 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report
Below the Belt is a drop-in and mentorship program for male-identified and two-spirited persons working in the sex trade. BTB is based in Edmonton and is unique in Alberta.

They are a community that provides the necessary supports to males involved in the sex trade and a safe respite for males involved in the sex trade and increase access to referrals and resources to build a peer community. 

BTB offers a safe, welcoming environment with authentic, peer-to-peer dialogue, seeking to meet men at various stages of change in their lives. Men can access resources, referrals, hygiene products, snacks and clothing.

Check out BTB’s website here!